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Each Vial Contains

Each Tablet Contains:
Calcium carbonate USP ……950mg
Vitamin D3 USP ………400IU
Vitamin K2 USP……..…10mcg
Magnesium oxide USP…..75mg
Zinc sulfate USP …………25mg
Selenium as selenium sulfide USP....1mcg



Zinate tablet combines vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, and minerals that contain various health benefits. It is usually used to treat postmenopausal osteoporosis and regulates hormone production.

Calcium Carbonate:

  • Calcium Carbonate is used to treat a stomach acid imbalance, such as heartburn, stomach irritation, or indigestion.
  • It is an antibiotic that reduces the amount of acid in the stomach.

Vitamin D3:

Vitamin D3 is a supplement that helps your body absorb calcium. It is primarily used to treat people who are deficient in vitamin D.

  • Strengthens weak bones and muscles
  • Boosts immunity
  • Improves mood
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves heart function

Vitamin K2:

  • Prevent wrinkles and prevent aging
  • Prevent bulging veins
  • Help to treat polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) – female fertility
  • Use for osteoporosis treatment
  • Prevent stones in the kidney
  • Vitamin k2 is essential for proper brain function and the prevention of neurological conditions.

Magnesium Oxide:

  • Magnesium Oxide is a mineral supplement used to prevent and treat low magnesium levels in the blood.
  • Magnesium is essential for proper functioning cells, nerves, muscles, bones, and the heart. A well-balanced diet usually results in normal blood levels of magnesium.

Zinc Sulfate:

  • Zinc is a mineral required for many of the body’s regular functions and processes, including the immune system, wound healing, blood clotting, thyroid function, and the senses of taste and smell.
  • During pregnancy, childhood, and adolescence, zinc promotes normal growth and development.

Selenium Selenite As Selenium Sulfide:

  • It can be obtained in foods naturally or as supplements.
  • Selenium is a crucial component of several enzymes and proteins known as selenoproteins that help to create DNA and protect cells from the damage caused by viruses. These proteins also play a role in reproduction and thyroid hormone metabolism.

Primary Uses:


Use the Zinate tablet to get these benefits:

  • Calcium, Vitamin K2, and Vitamin D3 in the right proportions protect and nourish bones, muscles, and soft tissues.
  • Prevents bone and joint issues, such as osteoporosis, in adults and postmenopausal women.
  • Boosts immunity, reduces free radical oxidation of cells, and helps in cell regeneration.
  • Restores and maintains proper heart function and regulates hormone production.


Take this medication exactly as prescribed. Zinate, according to research, may interact with certain medications. Use this prescription with caution if you have high blood pressure, kidney stones, or are allergic to Vitamin K2 or D3. Inform your doctor about the medicines you use and your medical history.


Due to concerns that the Zinate tablet may increase the risk of hypertension (high blood pressure), it is not suggested to those who have high phosphate levels in their blood or have kidney stones.


Why vitamins and minerals are essential for our body?

Vitamins and minerals are essential for various body functions, including infection protection, tissue regeneration, bone strength, and hormone balance.

What are the risks of not getting enough vitamin D?

Vitamin D deficiency can cause bone density to decrease in adults, increasing osteoporosis disease, falls and bone fractures, and rickets, a preventable bone disease in young children.

How long does it take to work?

The more severely deficient in a vitamin or mineral, the faster you notice a difference when taking a Zinate tablet. However, it usually takes three to six weeks to see noticeable results.

Which is the best calcium supplement for post-menopausal treatment?

Calcium carbonate is the best calcium supplement for postmenopausal treatment. It is more easily absorbed when taken with meals.

How should I take this medicine?

Take 1-2 Zinate tablets 1-2 times daily or as prescribed.

How should I store this medicine?

Store this medicine at room temperature.