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120ml ,

Each Vial Contains

Each 5ml Contains:
L –Carnitine USP ....….50mg
L –lysine USP ....……….100mg
Ginkgo biloba extract USP………….120mg
Vitamin B1 USP………… 10mg
Vitamin B6 USP……………10mg
Vitamin B12 USP………..100mcg
Folic acid USP …………..150mcg



Vitamil is a nutritional vitamins and minerals syrup used to treat vitamin deficiency and to enhance high metabolism in the human body.

L –Carnitine

  • It is a chemical naturally made by the human liver, brain, and kidney.
  • It helps the human body to turn fat into energy.

L –lysine

  • It is an essential amino acid but the human body cannot make L-lysine.
  • It is taken from fish, chicken, and meat.
  • It is used in medicines to treat canker sores and athletic performance diabetes.

Ginkgo biloba extract

  • The leaves of Ginkgo biloba are used to treat brain, circulatory, and respiratory problems.
  • Ginkgo biloba is a traditional medicine used by the Chinese as a supplement for brain health and memory.

Vitamin B1

  • It improves your nerves, muscles, and enhances heart functions.
  • It is essential for daily glucose metabolism.
  • It helps the body to convert carbohydrates to energy.

Vitamin B6

  • It endorses normal brain development.
  • Helps in keeping your immune system healthy.
  • Its deficiency results in inflammation and itching in hands and

Vitamin B12

  • It helps your body in making DNA.
  • Helps in keeping blood and nerve cells healthy and improves brain functioning.

Folic acid

  • It is used as a medication to treat anaemia, low folate level in the body, and depression.
  • Helps in preventing certain types of cancers by preventing changes in DNA.
  • It helps in preventing birth defects.

Primary uses


  • This syrup contains vitamins and minerals to treat vitamin deficiency.
  • It also helps to reduce SSRI induced sexual dysfunction.
  • It helps in high metabolism, making proteins, and keeping the brain active.


In case of previous vitamin B-12 deficiency, inform your doctor before taking this medicine. It is a multivitamin syrup and is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, consult your doctor before taking this medicine.


Any serious side effects from this medicine are rare.  The dosage of this medicine is based on response to certain medical conditions. Do not take an overdose of this medicine without consulting your physician.


Can you take L-carnitine every day?

A dosage of 2 grams of L-carnitine is safe to take every day. However, it might cause nausea and stomach discomfort.

Can you use L-carnitine for fat loss?

It is effective for fat loss and reducing BMI and body weight in over weight and obese adults.

What type of vitamin is L-lysine?

It is an essential amino acid, important for tissue growth and repair. Our body cannot prepare it and we have to take L-lysine from meat, fish, and other protein sources.

What are the side effects of taking multivitamins?

Some mild side effects of multivitamins include stomach upset, nausea, flushing, and unpleasant taste.

When can you take a multivitamin syrup?

You can take a multivitamin syrup on an empty stomach for 1 hour before having a meal. You can also take them 2 hours after having your meal.