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Each Vial Contains

Each 5g sachet contains:
Cranberry extract USP--------250mg
D -mannose MS………………500mg



Cralint-D sachets contain cranberry extracts and D-mannose and are best to treat urinary tract infections UTIs, irritable bladder, and urine infections during pregnancy.

Cranberry extract

  • Reduces bladder infections and urinary tract infections.

D-mannose MS

  • Acts as a natural supplement to prevent UTI diseases.
  • It works effectively against E.coli bacteria.

Primary uses


  • Cralint-D sachet is a complete solution to eliminate all urogenital infections.
  • It treats acute urinary tract infections in patients with antibiotic resistant urine cultures.
  • It also prevents UTIs and complications in patients after urinary catheterization and prevent the recurrence of infection.


Patients with a history of having kidney stones should avoid drinking excess amounts of these sachets as oxalate present in cranberry extract might result in kidney stones.


Take this sachet after consulting with your doctor. Cralint-D sachet contains D-mannose which makes it harder to control your body sugar, that is why patients with diabetes should take this sachet only when prescribed by their physician.


When should you avoid taking cranberry extracts?

A person sensitive or allergic to salicylates should avoid taking cranberry extracts.

Are there any side effects of Cralint-D sachets?

It does not have any serious side effects but may result in dry mouth, dizziness, mild stomach upset and trouble sleeping.

When should you avoid taking D-mannose?

If you have diabetes, you should take D-mannose with caution. A high dosage of D-mannose may result in kidney damage.

Is it D-mannose that worsens UTI?

If taken with regular sugary drinks, coffee or tea, D-mannose actually worsens UTIs. It is actually a type of sugar that is quickly expelled and stored in urine. So diabetic patients should avoid taking D-mannose without consulting their physician.

Can you take Cralint-D daily?

When prescribed by your doctor, you can take Cralint-D sachets daily for the long term. However, once your symptoms are lessened you should reduce your intake.