About us
An innovative healthcare company combining state of the art equipment together with manufacturing & quality control expertise to provide high-end pharmaceutical products
Corporate History
Bio-Labs (Pvt.) Ltd:Established in 1989, Bio-Labs Pvt Ltd has evolved into a distinguished pharmaceutical enterprise. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive portfolio, which now encompasses a diverse range of products within the human therapeutics division. Originally dedicated to the production of medicines and vaccines promoting animal health, our journey has led us to a broader sphere of influence in the pharmaceutical industry.
With an extensive portfolio comprising more than 600 products dedicated to human therapeutics, our extensive range encompasses a variety of sterile and non-sterile dosage forms. These includetablets/capsules, injectables (SVPs and LVPs), sterile powders for injections (Cephalosporins and General), dry powders/liquid syrups, lyophilized powders for injections, ampoules,infusions, creams, ointments, lotions, and gels.
Within our animal health division, boasting over 200 products, we specialize in the manufacturing of antibiotics (WSP and Liquids), diuretics, multivitamins, immunity enhancers,feed premixes, bronchodilators, anticoccidials, and disinfectants for poultry. Additionally, for livestock, we produce antibiotics (Injectable), NSAIDs (Injectable), antiparasitic and anthelmintic agents, feed premixes, antidiarrheals (Oral liquids), and anti-bloat medication.
What originated as a modest manufacturing division has since burgeoned into an internationally acclaimed pharmaceutical enterprise, adorned with numerous accolades and a robust presence inover 18 countries through our exports. We are one of the selected few manufacturers in Pakistan having PIC/S qualification.
At Bio-Labs, our objective is to ensure well-being at every life stage. Through the fusion ofscientific advancements, and unyielding commitment we persistently tread a path of continuous improvement to elevate global health standards.
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We provide
Manufacturing Expertise
Operations at Bio-Labs are based on the most modern and meticulous techniques and our manufacturing facility is constructed on the pretext of controlling cross contaminations, ensuring a smooth flow of personnel and materials, provisioning optimum environment, and assuring worker welfare and safety. Our state of the art manufacturing facility is a depiction of our progressive vision. Having a state of the art HVAC system, we guarantee the best possible environment for our workers and ultimately our products. The HVAC system was designed according to cGMP regulations and production requirements. The system was validated by an independent engineering company and the Ministry of Health-Pakistan. Our manufacturing equipment has one virtue in common, which is eminence. Technical staff at Bio-Labs is well versed with contemporary manufacturing techniques and boasts impressive experience in technical operations. Summing all these virtues the outcome can only be a flawless product.
We Manufacture
Specialized Products
We strive to develop specialized products particularly in the field of biological products. We are proud to be one of the selected few manufacturers in Pakistan manufacturing poultry & livestock vaccines as well as lyophilized powders for injection for human use. Bio-Labs stayed true to its commitment to provide quality healthcare. COVID-19 was a pandemic of this century with an ever evolving situation in terms of disease understanding and development of the treatment options. Bio-Labs was effectively able to make treatment drug Remdesivir injection (RIVONA) accessible to patients nationally and internationally and it has been recognized by IQVIA Switzerland in its recent reports (MAT Q4, 2020 & MAT Q1, 2021).
Business Partnerships
Our goal is to create new business opportunities with reliable collaborators and strengthen our portfolio both in existing and targeted markets by the establishment of new business units, companies and joint ventures.
In order to expand our presence in local and international markets, we are open to communicating with international and local companies for successful collaborations and discussing all types of activities. Our state of the art machinery allows us to meet extravagant production demands in a timely manner and thus enabling our partners to achieve the eminence they desire in today’s competitive health care industry.
How we Do
Our Business Development Activities

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Joint Ventures

Our mission is to uphold high-quality standards, prioritize medical ethics, and ensure consumer satisfaction. Bio-Labs is committed to environmental and social consciousness, embracing innovation, change, and development
We provide
Marketing & Sales Excellence
Our marketing philosophy is to offer quality products that are bioequivalent to the leader, at prices that are affordable to a diverse cross-section of the community, with a focus on scientific information dissemination. Being socially responsible and adding value to the medical community is an integral part of our philosophy.
The product portfolio which is selected, expanded, and renewed according to new trends in medical treatments consists of research-based products and branded generics under various therapeutic categories.
Our company’s innovative marketing strategies together with its strong marketing base have helped our products to be significantly positioned in their respective therapeutic areas.
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Our manufacturing site has the latest analytical instruments in our quality control department to monitor quality assurance through standard systems that ensure the consistent quality of our products. A highly qualified and trained team of scientists, pharmacists, chemists, and engineers work in our Research and Development and Operations department to develop new products in an environment that consistently improves the quality.
At Bio-labs we have always believed in continuous R&D towards the development of new pharmaceutical formulations. Our new product development program generally includes pre-formulation studies, excipient studies, analytical methods development, validation, formulation development and optimization, formal stability studies and manufacturing process development. We have a quality program dedicated to the continuous improvement of product quality of running products.

Certifications and Awards

Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified by TUV Austria which stands No. 1 in ranking of PNAC (Accreditation Authority of Pakistan).TUV Austria is operating in more than 60 countries providing to their clients with wide-ranging technical inspection expertise and access to thousands of skilled specialists worldwide.

Bio-Labs has the accolade of being ranked number 12 in the fastest growing companies in the region known as ARABIA 500 in 2012 by Harvard University Business School professor, Michael Porter's ALL WORLD NETWORK.

Our GMP compliant Manufacturing Plant has been recognized by Drug Regulatory Authority of PAKISTAN (DRAP) in addition to being licensed by International regulatory authorities such as Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Ministry of Health Yemen and most prestigious FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Philippines.

The certificate issued by FDA, Philippines is a result of thorough inspection carried out by their inspectors on stringent PIC/S (Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme) Guidelines. We are one of the select few manufacturers in Pakistan having PIC/S qualification.

We are one of the select few manufacturers in Pakistan having PIC/S qualification.