Bio-Labs launches BIO-D3

Bio-Labs launches BIO-D3, a new range of Vitamin D3 products including dosage forms in liquid ampoules, tablets and drops.

Kenya Pharmacy & Poison Board (PPB)

Kenya Pharmacy & Poison Board (PPB) grants Good Manufacturing Practices license to Bio-Labs after successful plant inspection allowing further market expansion in the African continent.

New Products Launched

Bio-Labs recently launched several new products including liquid ampoules such as Iron Sucrose and Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) being manufactured in its new manufacturing facility.

12th Fastest Growing Company in Arabia 500

Bio-Labs has recently received another accolade of being ranked number 12 in the fastest growing companies in the region known as ARABIA 500 by Harvard University Business School Michael Porter’s ALL WORLD NETWORK. For details, please visit: