The newly established sister concern complements our existing Pharma healthcare and Animal healthcare portfolio in terms of product lines. It will establish Bio-Labs Corporate group as the industry leader extending our product line by manufacturing quality Nutraceutical products providing preventive healthcare for human and veterinary segments in addition to the existing curative pharmaceutical healthcare products for human and veterinary use.

Bio-Labs Consumer Health operates two divisions:

Human Nutraceuticals

Pharma Consumer Health1

Veterinary Nutraceuticals

VET Consumer Health

Human Nutraceuticals: we manufacture

The product segments primarily involve multivitamins and multi-minerals, anti-oxidants, Energy replenishers , protein supplements, aphrodisiacs, dietary fiber and other dietary supplements, and specialty treatments in ortho-care, gynae care, urology, pediatric care, GI health, hepatic care, fertility enhancers and products for obesity. In addition, Cosmeceuticals and several other product segments are also included.


Veterinary Nutraceuticals: we manufacture

The product segments in Veterinary division primarily involve multivitamins, multi-minerals, immune boosters, flushers, anti-oxidants, electrolytes, feed-premix and an extensive range of products for GI and respiratory health.

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