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January 8, 2022
Bio-Labs Has Successfully Launched another Prime Life-Saving Drug: Merobio (Meropenem)

Reliving the commitment and mission, Bio-Labs added a new product to its inventory. Bio-Labs is both gratified and proud to launch Merobio (Meropenem) recently with one and only aim that is VALUING LIFE.

Merobio (Meropenem) is not only a lifesaving drug but is only one of a few antibiotics that are putting up a sturdy fight against superbugs. From Elderly patients to Infants to Females with complicated infections Merobio (Meropenem) is the answer of this era.

Merobio Launch event was made special by the presence of the whole Bio-Labs’ team, senior doctors, Mentors, Motivational speakers, Life coaches and nutritional experts.